Meet the Software Engineering Team

chris engineering

Chris Ng

Initiative Manager
Chris is a technology enthusiast who loves to work with his team. A cup of coffee a day keeps Chris energised for the day!


chee yim engineering

Chee Yim Goh

Initiative Manager
Chee Yim appreciates stuff that simplify things in life – codes, clear communication and coffee. Excuse the last one, it is there by default.


ashik engineering

Ashik Salahudeen

Staff Engineer
Ashik was too busy writing codes to do a brief write up about himself. Just kidding! He is too much of a hipster to do a writeup about himself.


ivan engineering

Ivan Peh

Senior Software Engineer
Ivan is a technophile who likes to be an early adopter of almost anything related to coding. He is also an avid reader (with a weakness for a good plot) who thinks that he is a cesspool of knowledge (but he is not) on all things related to quantum physics, cosmology, popular sciences and Christianity.


jih horng engineering

Loh Jih Horng

Lead DevOps
Jih Horng is of the DevOps class type – i.e. he who loves to automate processes so developers around him can lead an easier life. At night, Jih Horng transforms into full-time father mode, but he always tries to squeeze some time out for good old fashion Dota session with the team (see: David Hong).


david engineering

David Hong

Software Architect 
David Hong (aka HUHU) is married and not available. David is a senior .Net Developer with over 5 years’ experience in VB and C#, specializing in developing Retail and CRM Systems. He enjoys supporting friends with Crystal Maiden (@Dota) and freezing enemies till Summer’s over.


jinrou engineering

Chin Lou Heng

Test Engineer
Jinrou doesn’t like bugs but she keeps finding them. She can be shy and quiet, but is fun loving once you get to know her.


not chong

Chong Yuen Ang

Senior Software Engineer
Chong really likes his Chinese tea. When asked about technology research, his first choice would be Real Time Task Parallel.


shang yi engineering

Lim Shang Yi

Senior Software Engineer
Shang Yi is a code whisperer. He whispers to his cats as well but they just don’t get him. Maybe someday they will.


Kong Tian Leong engineering

Kong Tian Leong

Senior Product Support Engineer
The only thing that renders us powerless is when we give up and decide for ourselves that we can’t go on. That is like closing the door on our inner potential or locking away our spirit by our own hand. Giving up is the cause of defeat.


david engineering

David Law

Senior Software Engineer
David is a software engineer who just can’t keep his hands to himself – that is, he can’t help but to fix things when he spots errors in the coding. David is also a badminton enthusiast who never turns down an invite for a good ol’ smashing session.


ckalvin engineering

Ckalvin Khoo

Senior Software Engineer
Ckalvin is a self-professed dog lover and is currently raising two dogs at home. Spending quality time with his canines are his favorite things to do in this world, followed by coding and watching the telly.


Habib Bhutto engineering

Habib Bhutto

Senior Software Engineer
Habib is a man of vision, a fearless developer (mostly high), has many instances of great perception, esp. of future socio-economic technology solutions, engineering software and technology is his passion. He chooses his tools, technologies and techniques to engineer the system according to time, budget and the problem domain. He enjoys writing code in C and C++; then spends the rest of his leisure time sleeping well. He is currently on a quest to enhance the human knowledge acquisition process.

M Rizwanur Rashid engineering


Test Manager
Rizwan tests. He tests with tool, without tool, for tools. He loves to automate tasks because he is too lazy to do things manually. He likes Kungfu Panda and is known as “Po” among his friends. He loves to eat and eats a lot! Rizwan is currently walking towards the dream of coming up with a better one-stop automated solution for testing code. He also loves writing poems (only in native language Bengali though).

bryan engineering

Bryan Lai

Software Engineer
Bryan loves to sleep; he could lie down on his bed the whole day if he really wanted to (but his mom would probably drag him out of it). Bryan also owns a few apps on the Windows Store which he maintains during his free time. His other hobbies include playing lots of sports such as basketball, football, tennis, table-tennis and badminton.

Justin Loh engineering

Justin Loh

Senior Software Engineer
Loves to learn about new tech stuff and keep himself updated on sports (soccer and basketball). Justin is the kind of developer who loves taking on challenges (when needed). He enjoys being around people who are open and humble and loves making new friends.

Wong Wan Yee engineering

Wong Wan Yee

Test Engineer
Wan Yee is a test engineer from SETs team and has been involved in software testing for the past 8 years. She’s interested in travelling around the world as she believes that life is short as the world is wide. Traveling must be the only item you can buy which makes your life richer.


Lim Hui Sze engineering

Lim Hui Sze

Dev Ops Engineer
Hui Sze loves fashion and dreams of owning different colours of clothing with different styling so she can easly pick and match for any occasion. She’s also interested in culinary arts and can usually be found cooking something special for her family on weekends.

yong zheng engineering

Yong Zheng Kee

Software Engineer
Yong Zheng believes that programming is the closest we’ll ever get to having a superpower (see: Iron Man 1, Iron 2, Iron Man 3). We can change the world with codes!


zaman engineering


Senior Software Engineer
Zaman is a tech lover who likes to try new stuff. He keeps up with all things new by reading widely by day and performing thought experiments by night.


Goh Hong May (Jess) engineering

Hong May (Jess)

Senior Software Developer
Jess is a simple person. She sees food, she presses ‘Like’. Her free time is spent browsing for dinner ideas on the Internet and then trying out the receipts at home. She also loves watching cartoons.


larica engineering

Larica Bawar

Senior Software Test Engineer
Larica is a bug hunter by day and a couch potato by night. She is currently in love with yoga and d.i.y. nail art.


Choong Zin Jye engineering

Choong Zin Jye

Senior Software Engineer
Test, Failed, Refactoring, TDD